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Betextrader Free Trial

If you don't have one already, You Can Open A Betfair Account Here

Download The Software Here:

Download BTX Trader Ultimate Version 2.32.00 

Sign up here to receive tips and tricks newsletter (opens new window)Scroll Down for Quick Start WalkthroughGoto Full Detailed Manual (opens new window)Run the installer file you just downloaded to install the software

Start the software by clicking the desktop icon

Getting Started Introduction on Youtube

Quick Start Walkthrough

Login to the software

Use your Betfair Credentials to login to the software

Please Note: If you see a Blank Login Screen then please try and remove Internet Explorers Protected mode. Find out here

Load your chosen market

Example - Load horse horse racing win markets etc. Also select the country where necessary

Example - Load soccer match odds market

Check Your Settings

Click the settings tab and select live or simulation

Design Your Betplan

Select your betplan settings, like straight back or lay, back then lay etc.

Choose your selections, set your bet 1 and bet 2 criteria and triggers.

Chech the manual here for more details.

Example Betplan

Back any 2 horses that hit low odds

Example Betplan

Back then Lay first fav for 10% Profit

Example Betplan

Lay the first 1 horse that reaches below 2.1 odds

Example Betplan

Lay all runners in the field at 1.5 odds

Attach your betplan to a market

Attach the betplan to ticked markets

Attach the betplan to a highlighted market

Click Start Trading

Click the big red bar to start/stop trading

Monitor Bets and Results

Click the bets panel to see the bets and monitor results on the results tab

Load a Betplan from a file

Click the Load From File button at the bottom of the betplan window

Cancel Betplans

Right click the betplan in the betplan column or click the tools button

Make a selection in all markets

Click the tools button in the selections panel to make multiple manual selections

Example: Selecting the Draw in all matched odds Football markets

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